Housing For Disabled Young Adults

People with a disability have the right to acquire safe, affordable housing. Independent living options for young adults with disabilities include group homes that are monitored and apartment complexes that contain accessibility aids.

Educating From A Young Age

Once a disabled child reaches adulthood, they may be ready to move out of their childhood home and explore their independence. A parent or guardian should instill the importance of learning self-help skills while their child is young.

If a child attends a public school, their IEP (Individualized Education Program) may include important topics such as grooming, personal finances, career searches, and more. A young adult who is capable of taking care of their own needs, plus has acquired plenty of guidance concerning finding a career and pursuing education may find that the transition from adolescence to adulthood is not difficult.

Disability Services

Community centers, local and state-run programs, and independent nonprofits may cater to the disabled. Disability services may include ensuring that an individual is equipped with a viable transportation plan or that they have the mobility aids needed to remain independent. Residing in a living space that is near a bus terminal or another public transportation venue will ensure that a disabled young adult will be able to get to work or attend medical or caseworker appointments.

Some adults may have a mental impairment, which may deem them unable to work, but able to access an apartment in a relatively normal manner. Someone who has a hearing impairment or a visual impairment may rely upon a service animal. Many living spaces that cater to disabled people will allow a tenant to maintain ownership of a service animal.

Housing Options

A disabled young adult can rent space within a group home. This type of living arrangement provides a tenant with independence but also ensures that they are supplied with assistance if they need it. A group home may feature plenty of living space for many disabled adults. Someone who chooses to move into this type of housing may find that it is comforting to have others living near them to whom they can relate.

An apartment complex that features apartment units for disabled adults may rent out units that contain accessibility aids. Ramps, railings, emergency alarms, and other aids may be provided. Young adults should seek guidance from their family and friends, prior to choosing a rental that is geared toward their needs.

To learn more about independent living for young adults with disabilities, check out a variety of centers nearby.