5 Reasons To Seek Help Through Disability Services

If you're disabled and need some assistance, you might not know what's available to you. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge can leave you without the services you need. That lack of knowledge might prevent you from gaining your independence. You might know that financial resources are available to you, such as monthly payments for your disability. However, you might not realize that there are other services that you might be entitled to, as well. 

Employment Assistance

If you suffer from any type of disability, finding employment can be difficult, especially when accommodations are involved. That's where disability services come into the picture. Disability services can provide you with the assistance you need to find and keep gainful employment. If you need additional skills before employment, disability services can provide you with the training you need. 

Housing Assistance

If you're disabled, and you're struggling to maintain safe living arrangements, it's time to talk to a disability services counselor. There are a variety of benefit programs that are available to individuals with disabilities. Some of those services include assistance with rental homes, including public housing programs. Other services include programs to teach independent living skills. Your disability worker can provide you with information regarding these programs. 

Support Services

If you've been diagnosed with a disability that requires additional support services, disability services can provide you with the help you need. For instance, if you require the aid of a service animal, or an emotional support animal, disability services can help you through the process. They can also help you gain access to many of the durable medical equipment you might need, including prosthetics, wheelchairs, and walkers. 

Medical Care

If you require medical care for your disability, but you don't have insurance, it's time to seek help through disability services. You might not know this, but disability services can help you obtain the medical coverage you need. They can help you with the application process for Medicaid and Medicare. If you have unpaid medical bills associated with your disability, these services can help with those, as well. 

Personal Assistance

If you're struggling to care for any of your personal needs, don't try to go it alone. Now's the time to seek assistance through disability services. Disability services can help you receive the in-home assistance you need with your daily living activities. Some of those services include meal preparation, personal hygiene, and transportation. 

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